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  • Ben Ansell -
    "I have just had the luxury of buying a brand new saddle, the Ideal Gazelle. Oh my gosh! I have never sat in a saddle so comfortable and fits my rather tricky shaped ISH perfectly. The quality of the workmanship is unbelievable and I am so very happy with it. I cannot believe that I have found a saddle that not only fits my horse beautifully, but also fits me, and at 6ft 4 with long legs that is no small feat! The schrumph seat and and knee roles are divine I am looking forward to many years of riding in my new super comfy Ideal Saddle."
  • Sir Lee Pearson CBE -
    "I’m very excited about the opportunity in working with the team at Ideal & WRS. They have stepped in post Barnsby and have offered me excellent technical support already. I look forward to working with them for many years to come."
  • Paul Howland -
    "My horses and I are avid fans of Ideal saddles. We have the Jessica Dressage, Grandee, Working Hunter & a VSD. The saddles are comfortable for both horse and rider, and the leather is superb. I have other saddles but these stay in storage.... Ideal all the way for my boys. Paul"
  • Hayley Watson-Greaves -
    "I'm delighted with my Ideal saddle. It is very comfortable and perfectly fits me and my horse. It gives me a close contact and the feel that I need to ride the higher level movements!"
  • Gillian Whyte -
    "When I got my first horse I tried a few saddles, but the best fitting one for me and my IDx with his elevated movement was an Ideal which I got second hand and I didn't even have a fall in over 5 years it was so secure and comfortable. Unfortunately my saddle was stolen and I was gutted! I got a Barnsby, but I never felt like when riding in my Ideal. I changed the Barnsby after a fall and got a Prestige which again was very nice and 'felt' a bit more like my original Ideal! I still use this but I decided to get another Ideal and it always feels more like I have close contact with my horse when riding. They really are fantastic value for money, but more important fit both myself and my horse!! Thank you for making them!"
  • Casey Parker -
    "I can't rate the Ideal saddles highly enough having used them for many years. We have used a whole range of saddles over the years, they offer great comfort for both the horses and myself and come at a very reasonable price. They keep my team very happy. We look forward to 2013."
  • India Thomson & Dynasty II -
    "I would recommend the Impala 1450 as I have used it on a number of horses with great results. It allows the horse to move and jump more freely. It has improved muscle tone and strength in the horses back. It is also very comfortable and secure for the rider whilst still allowing you to move. All the horses I have ridden in the impala have benefited and improved."
  • Dan O’Dell -
    "The unprecedented support that my horses & I get from Ideal & WRS saddles has enabled us to get so much more from ourselves. The product is second to none & there is so much attention put in to smallest of details to ensure that both my horses and I are comfortable yet effective. I find Ideal an absolute pleasure to work with and feel privileged to have such a loyal, supportive, & knowledgeable team behind me."
  • Pippa Childerhouse & Amour G -
    "I love Ideal saddles. I have been a fan for many years and can honestly say that I wouldn't look anywhere else. My young KWPN stallion has huge movement through his shoulders and loves his Tonishia Supreme. It allows him to express this movement whilst also putting the rider in the best possible place to sit with a deep and balanced seat. His scores have been consistently climbing since using the Tonishia. The quality of materials and service is second to none and I would never hesitate to recommend Ideal Saddles to friends and clients alike."
  • Adelle du Plessis on Kylene -
    "The Ramsay saddle fitted perfectly on Kylene and caused Adelle to sit properly on her pony. The quality of the saddle is excellent."
  • Angela and Archie -
    "I find the Ideal Crown Dressage (Suzannah) extremely comfortable, it’s great for people with long legs and the knee blocks are fantastic as they help to keep my legs stiller as Archie has a very large movement - especially in canter."
  • Katherine Broadfoot on Solomon -
    "Solomon especially loves cross country but our trainer has great hopes for us in the dressage field. We are entering our first Elementary competition very soon. I think the Grandee looks great, we are now looking to purchase an Ideal Dressage saddle to help us progress."
  • Emily De-Sousa -
    "My Ideal H&C is the best saddle I have ever sat on. It is so comfortable and fits my HW cob, Zak, exceptionally well. He is now so much happier in his work."
  • Louise Lamb on Brooklyn -
    "This is one of the best saddles I have sat in and as soon as I got on I loved it. The knee roll on this model is perfect and really helps to secure your thigh especially over the higher fences when you need it. I have ridden some tricky and sharp horses in this saddle and it has always kept me snugly in place – I’ve never fallen from it!"